Jun 8

So! I’ve been eating a lot healthier, exercising more often and trying to be more slightly positive about outlooks on life and well, I’m feeling a lot happier and a lot fresher!! 

Trying to make everyday productive or worth while in any little or big way cause I feel like I’m getting older—hopefully I’ll also get wiser—each day.

I want to make this kind of lifestyle a standing habit, cause like, I’m starting college in August and that’s when shat gets real! Or so I hear…

It’s been just a week or so since I started summer and woop dee doo! I have sunburn in about 5 places, but at least I’m in the sun more often getting sweaty, cause sweat is the watery form of hard work ^_^ And maybe this is the summer where I’ll actually get dark!

Whale whale whale, this random update from my mother’s bedroom via her Macbook with awkward photobooth pictures is adjourned! 

Have a divine day jalllllllllllllllll